A message from executive director, Matthew Vanderloo, Esq.

As a practicing construction lawyer, I understand and appreciate the tremendous contributions that the construction industry makes in our state.

According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Mississippi often ranks first in the nation for the construction industry’s percentage of contribution to this State’s GDP. Of course, in addition to the high-paying, quality jobs created by construction activities themselves, construction also creates demand for materials and equipment. This positively impacts material suppliers and the transportation sector. Construction also heavily impacts the financial services, insurance and bonding, and real estate sectors of our community. The economic ripple effects from the construction industry are tremendous. All of this economic activity generates tax revenue to fund public services, as well as contributes to a higher quality of life for all Mississippians.

I formed the Mississippi Association of Construction Attorneys, Inc. (MSACA) to establish a forum for MSACA members to exchange experience and knowledge in an environment of collegiality and fellowship to enhance the practice of construction law for the benefit of the construction industry.

If you are an attorney in good standing with the Mississippi Bar who regularly practices in the area of construction law and are committed to supporting the interests of the construction industry and the MSACA, I would encourage you to apply for membership.

If you are a contractor, engineer, architect, or supplier, or are otherwise involved in the construction industry and are in need of legal services, I encourage you to use a construction lawyer who is a member of the MSACA.

Matthew Vanderloo, Esq., Executive Director
(601) 427-0065 / mvanderloo@jcalawfirm.com